The passion for the sea moves us. The local economy gives us strength. But it is the well-being of everyone that gives us impetus to do more and better every day, always with respect for nature and promoting ecological and healthy attitudes in the community where we operate.

Twenty years ago, we got “closer to the sea” with the opening of Aquastart stores in Oeiras and Cascais Marinas, which sell, exclusively in Portugal, the renowned brand of nautical clothing SLAM, that remains till today.

But we felt that we needed to give more to our community. Then we decided to invest in electric and conventional bicycles so that everyone who visit us could enjoy, in an ecological and healthy way, the beautiful landscapes, beaches, monuments and places of tourist interest, benefited by bike lanes on the route between Guincho, Cascais, Oeiras and Lisbon.

About 10 years ago we took another step forward and decided to invest in maritime-tourist activity so that those in love with the sea, like us, would also enjoy the benefits that our magnificent salt waters bring to their busy lives. Being close to the sea, listening to it, feeling it, smelling it, calm down and reassure our mind. It gives us a unique sense of well-being and a perspective of our wonderful and unique landscapes. It encourages respect for nature and environmental sustainability.

Always looking to the future, Aquastart was the first company of Cascais and Oeiras counties to invest in a boat powered by solar energy, the only one currently operating in Lisbon and which allows you to navigate without polluting, in silence and in complete safety and comfort. Aquastart was also the first company to wage on a pleasure craft that allows people with reduced mobility and/ or wheelchair users to embark without embarrassment, so that everyone, without exception, can enjoy our beautiful landscapes and the benefits that the sea brings to our life.

But if it is impossible by sea, we can go by land! We have a luxury tourist vehicle to visit the best of Portugal!Aquastart is registered in Turismo de Portugal under license 81/2012 and 1924/2017.